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Molyvos, Lesvos


The multi-talented
Eric Kempson
was born in Hampshire, England in 1955,
and was brought up and educated in Winchester. His early career encompassed animal keeping, working with big cats and baboons in safari parks in England and Italy, estate management, and large-scale landscape design. In 1999 he moved to Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece, with his wife and baby daughter.
He now devotes himself to his painting, and to sculpture in the local olive wood:-
over the years he has perfected his own techniques for working this notoriously difficult material. His influences range from Ancient Greek and Old English mythology to twentieth century Surrealism, but for his sculptures he derives his main inspiration from the grain, texture, and shape of the wood he is working with at the time. Today, Lesvos is one of the main centres of olive cultivation in Greece ,with the highest density of trees - over eleven million, more than 120 for every inhabitant of the island.
Eric lives and works in an olive grove in a valley within the mystic seven hills of Eftalou, home over the centuries to poets, writers, and seekers after peace and wisdom.
Much of his raw material, all personally selected, comes from within walking distance, from trees at the end of their working lives, often centuries old, which over time have developed the density and beautifully convoluted grain which makes working olive wood so difficult, but which is central to his work, and makes the finished pieces so rewarding.
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Little Owl on Tap by Eric Kempson


BEIJING ROCKS by Eric Kempson


Pure Lesvos by Eric Kempson


The Eftalou Phantom by Eric Kempson


The Scream World Tour Street Art by Eric Kempson


Stop The Slaughter by Eric Kempson


Window into Greece by Eric Kempson


The Shadow by Eric Kempson


Enchanted by Eric Kempson


Prize Peacock by Eric Kempson


Eftalou Foxes by Eric Kempson


LIVE by Eric Kempson


Fungi Heads by Eric Kempson


Spiritual Light by Eric Kempson


Mystic View by Eric Kempson


Window Into Greece 3 by Eric Kempson


Wild Thing by Eric Kempson


WASTED by Eric Kempson


Window Into Greece 7 by Eric Kempson


Scented Beauty by Eric Kempson


HI by Eric Kempson



Conference by Eric Kempson


Chess Pigeon by Eric Kempson


creative art by Eric Kempson


Edvard The Scream by Eric Kempson